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Loft conversions

Lofts can offer huge amounts of space ripe for domestic conversion and can add value to your property. However, given this often requires working with the roof, one of the home’s most integral structures, there’s no room to be careless.

TLC prides itself on expert solutions that can’t be ignored when it comes to loft conversions, be it roof-height scaffolding, joint-testing or chipboard flooring. This has allowed for a portfolio with a series of impressive achievements, such as a Grade II listed chimney being turned into a beautiful doorway.

Did you know?

Lofts offer more options for conversion than most rooms in the house. Read our case studies to see how our clients have made the most of theirs.

Looking for something else?

The majority of garages are well-equipped for a cost-effective domestic conversion. Discover TLC’s Garage Conversion Service to see what can be made of yours.

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