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Bury st Edmunds Decarbonisation of HMO





Abbott House, located in Bury St Edmunds, was a significant project undertaken by our team, secured through a successful tender with West Suffolk Council. The client's background and situation underscored the need for a comprehensive refurbishment of a 9-bedroom House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), including an extension of the communal living space and various energy-efficient upgrades.

Project Details

The scope of work included the complete refurbishment of the 9 bedrooms with ensuite facilities, extension of the kitchen area to enhance communal living, installation of a 200mm insulation and render system for exterior insulation, deployment of a dual air source heat pump and cylinder, integration of solar panels, landscaping of the garden, and a new roof with fascia and soffit.

Project Execution

Our approach began with a meticulous pre-construction phase, where we outlined programs and safe systems of work before commencing the actual construction. This strategic planning ensured a smooth transition from the rip-out phase to the completion of the project.

Challenges Faced

The project encountered several challenges, with the primary issues revolving around seasonal constraints and adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the site's proximity to main roads and college foot traffic necessitated rigorous safety measures to ensure the well-being of all stakeholders.

Timeline and Schedule

Despite the challenges, the project was completed on schedule within the stipulated 6-month timeframe. This achievement was the result of careful planning, effective project management, and proactive measures taken to mitigate potential delays.


Abbott House stands as a testament to our expertise in handling complex projects. From the initial tender process to overcoming challenges during the build, we delivered a high-quality, energy-efficient HMO that meets the needs of both the client and its future occupants.

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