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Tender Acquisition

Our successful tender with Tendring Council marked the initiation of a significant project aimed at enhancing accessibility at Brightlingsea Beach. The project involved the construction of a new Changing Places facility, seamlessly integrated into an existing toilet block, adhering to Tendring Council's distinctive Hardie Plank scheme.

Client Background and Project Needs

Tendring Council approached us intending to create an inclusive and vibrant beachside facility. The project aimed to construct a Changing Places facility that not only met accessibility standards but also aligned with the colourful aesthetic envisioned by the Council. This new facility would provide essential amenities such as a hoist and shower bed.

Detailed Project Scope

Our scope of work encompassed the construction of a new Changing Places facility on the side of an existing toilet block. The exterior was finished in Tendring Council's unique Hardie Plank scheme, contributing to the visual appeal of the area. The facility itself featured essential amenities, making it a fully equipped beachside facility.

Challenges Faced

Fortunately, the construction phase of the Brightlingsea Changing Places project did not encounter significant challenges, allowing for a smooth and efficient build process. This absence of major challenges underscored the success of the collaborative planning and coordination between our team and the project stakeholders.

Success and Future Collaborations

The Brightlingsea Changing Places project now stands as a vibrant addition to the community's amenities. Its success positions us as a reliable partner for future projects aimed at enhancing accessibility and creating visually appealing public spaces.

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