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Our involvement in the Frinton Changing Places project, secured through a successful tender with Tendring Council, exemplifies our commitment to creating accessible and inclusive facilities. This transformative project aimed to convert an old deck chair building alongside public toilets into a Changing Places facility, providing a fully equipped and accessible space for beachgoers.

Project Details

The scope of work included the meticulous removal of walls and the floor of the existing structure. The removal of the floor allowed for a lowering and insulation process, laying the groundwork for the installation of a Changing Places facility. This inclusive facility featured essential amenities such as a hoist and shower bed, ensuring it met the standards set for accessible beachside facilities.

Project Execution

Our team undertook the challenging task of transforming the dated structure into a modern and inclusive space. The installation of the Changing Places facility required careful planning and execution, adhering to the specifications for accessibility and functionality.

Challenges Faced

A significant challenge during the project was the removal of the concrete floor, which proved to be a formidable task. Overcoming this obstacle required the use of two diggers over a two-week period to break and remove the concrete. Despite the challenges, our team persevered to deliver a facility that met the highest standards of accessibility.

Timeline and Schedule

The project was completed on schedule, with a total duration of 2 months. This achievement was a testament to our commitment to project timelines, efficient planning, and effective execution. The adherence to the schedule ensured that the Changing Places facility was ready for public use within the anticipated timeframe.


The Frinton Changing Places project stands as a shining example of our dedication to creating accessible public spaces. From the successful tender process to overcoming challenges during construction, we delivered a Changing Places facility that enhances the beachside experience for individuals with accessibility needs.

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