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Brandon Country Lodge





Brandon Lodge, situated on the edge of Brandon Country Park, underwent a transformative refurbishment and landscaping project, awarded to our team through a successful tender with West Suffolk Council. This old country Lodge presented unique challenges and opportunities for rejuvenation, resulting in a comprehensive project that balanced modernization with preservation.

Project Details

The historic Brandon Lodge required a complete refurbishment, including internal insulation of walls (due to the exterior being listed), insulation and screeding of the floor, and extensive landscaping. These measures not only preserved the Lodge's historical integrity but also made it suitable for the installation of an air source heat pump, enhancing its energy efficiency.

Project Execution

Ensuring the safety of both workers and visitors to Brandon Country Park was paramount. Special measures, including a fully fenced site and meticulous traffic marshalling, were implemented to create a secure working environment. These precautions were crucial, considering the site's location on the edge of the busy country park.

Challenges Faced

One of the primary challenges during the project was managing site traffic, given the Lodge's proximity to the popular Brandon Country Park. The need for a complete fenced site and traffic marshalling addressed these challenges, allowing us to navigate the construction process efficiently while minimizing disruptions to park visitors.


Brandon Lodge now stands as a harmonious blend of historical preservation and modern functionality. This project exemplifies our ability to navigate unique challenges while delivering high-quality results. From the successful tender process to the completion of the project, Brandon Lodge showcases our expertise in refurbishing historic properties with care and innovation.

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