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Searching for Garage Conversions Sudbury? Then look no further, TLC Home Group has completed multiple Garage Conversions with a very high quality standard.

Garage Conversions SudburyDo you need that extra room in your house but can’t afford an extension? Then the solution is to have your garage converted to be a part of your house. This is a very efficient and cost effective approach to gaining that extra space you need!

Unsure about heating? Our garage conversion service does not just stop once the garage is now a part of your house. We also make sure the new area is fully heated! So you can move into the area and complete work, or other activities without being cold.

Additionally, we make sure to listen to a customer’s requests throughout the conversion process. Making sure they will be happy with the final outcome. As well as this, we can decorate the new room so it will fit in perfectly with the rest of your house!


About TLC Home Group:

At TLC Home Group, our in-house specialist team has worked on many different projects. This includes large scale warehouse and nightclub conversions into commercial properties, to kitchen fitting and garage conversions.

No matter the project we work on, our team always makes sure to follow safety protocols. In addition to quality assurance tests, so all the installed equipment is safe to use and will last for a long time.

Don’t wait any longer. Make use of your garage again! Contact our team, so we can get to work on converting your garage as soon as possible!


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