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Searching for New Build Builders in Braintree? At TLC Home Group, our team has decades of experience!

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Why Choose Us?

New Build Builders In BraintreeAt TLC Home Group, we have created many new build properties since being established in 2008! Our in-house developers have worked on creating a diverse range of properties.

When working on projects, our team makes sure to follow quality and safety checks throughout the entire process. This will make sure the new building will be safe and secure, as well as free from any problems!

Additionally, our team completes projects as fast as possible, whilst still maintaining a very high quality standard. Which allows clients to rent or sell properties sooner to customers, making them even happier.

We take listening to a client’s requirements very seriously, so they are able to have the building they wanted. So if they need a balcony, solar energy panels or an en-suite bathroom or anything else, then we are able to provide just that!

On this website you are able to view all of the past projects we have worked on, from garage conversions, commercial conversions to new builds. In addition to this, we have included lots of detail and many images for each project, allowing you to see the full progression.


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