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Searching for New Build Builders in Sudbury? Well look no further, at TLC Home Group we have an experienced team that are extremely qualified!

Looking for builders that have decades of experience? Our team is very qualified for the job.

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Why Choose TLC Home Group?

At TLC Home Group, we offer a wealth of creative ways to get the most out of a commercial property, be it conversions or new builds.

New Build Builders In SudburyOur team will visit the area to complete a survey, then go over the plan with the client to make sure it meets all their requirements.

We can install many different features in a new build. This could consist of an en-suite bathroom, balcony, solar panels, or anything else requested by the client.

Both before, during and after the new build project, we make sure to complete safety checks. This ensures that the new build is completely safe to live in, as well as this allows the client to sell or rent the property faster as it will not need further external checks completed.

Within this website, you are able to view all of the new build projects we have worked on and completed. Allowing you to see how we work on a project, whilst seeing before and after images throughout the project.

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