Nightclub converted to 18-apartment complex, Ipswich

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Charlotte House, Ipswich


12 months


This long-time client came to TLC with a bold vision to transform Ipswich’s famous First Floor Club nightclub into an 18 one to two-bed apartment complex.

The club had hosted cabarets, discos and live music since the 1960s, so TLC had to expertly remove a variety of unique features from dance floors to sound systems.

Our team rebuilt the embodied roof into a brand-new floor to meet the 18-apartment quota and, with new occupants in mind, took great care in cleaning and rendering the brickwork.

Complete with a private carpark, this complex opened to a number of headlines praising the building’s transformation from its disco days into a multi-dwelling unit.

The client was so impressed with TLC’s work that they then asked us to convert Ipswich’s Dolce Vita nightclub into a one-bed house and 12 one to two-bed luxury apartments. TLC is proud to have received a commendation from the Ipswich Society Annual Awards 2019 for this project.

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