Co-op HQ converted to 34-apartment complex, Ipswich

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Carr Street, Ipswich


18 months


TLC was approached to convert the Co-op’s old headquarters into a 34-apartment complex. This large construction had to the potential to affect a number of local businesses, so our team adopted some unique building tactics throughout.

TLC found the size of the building meant the nearby electrical substation needed moving before the property could be used. Given this powered multiple high street stores, our team worked closely with UK Power Networks to ensure there was as little disruption as possible.

Similar responsibility was taken while working on a basement drainage system to channel the building’s waste, where our team carefully built around a water supply shared with several other buildings.

After disposing of asbestos and with the utilities taken care of, TLC set about demolishing the HQ’s old offices, laying special mezzanine flooring and installing a new fire alarm system complete with sprinklers.

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